Lippincott Jacobs Consulting Engineers




Burlington Coat Factory Distribution Center
Edgewater Park Township, Burlington County, NJ


Services Provided
Major Site Plan
Stormwater Management Plan
Recharge Detention Basin
Soil Erosion & Sediment
Control Plan
Water and Sewer Extensions
County Roadway Improvement Plan
State Highway Access Permit
Expert Testimony




Lippincott Jacobs Consulting Engineers (LJCE) was retained by the Burlington Coat Factory to prepare a Major Site Plan for its new 730,000 sf Distribution Center on this 45-acre site located at the intersection of State Highway Route 130 and Coopertown Road, a County roadway. 

Challenges:  A small shopping center existed on the site, which required demolition.  With the construction of this large distribution center, we were converting a mostly permeable site to one that would be mostly impermeable.

Solutions:  A Major Site Plan was prepared by LJCE, and submitted to the Edgewater Park Township Planning Board, and testimony provided in this regard.  As part of our efforts, we prepared a County Roadway Improvement Plan, State Highway Access Permit Plan & Application, as well as water and sewer extension plans.  Because of the maximum use of the site for the facilities, we designed a single dry 600’ x 100’ detention basin with the basin bottom at 5 feet above the groundwater table to recharge the stormwater from the entire site.  The plan was approved and the facilities constructed.  After construction and six years of use, the normal water surface stabilized at 8 feet above the groundwater or 3 feet above the basin bottom.   In 2009, we were again retained by the Burlington Coat Factory, this time to demonstrate the functionality of the basin in order for Burlington Coat to be released from its bond.  While the basin did retain some water, we demonstrated, through selected testing of soil infiltration and performance of a groundwater mounding analysis, that the basin met all the design criteria and continued to function.  The Township accepted the analysis and our client was released from its bond.  The basin continues to function to accommodate the stormwater needs.


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